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Q: Who can play paintball?
A: Anyone 10 years and older can play in regular public games. Players 8 years and older can play only in privately booked parties using low-impact paintball guns
(50 caliber).

Q: Do I have to sign anything?
A: Yes, a waiver form from each player is required. Minors will need the signature of a parent or legal guardian. Each waiver form is good for one day only.

Q: Is paintball safe?
A: Paintball is very safe as long as you abide by the rules, such as keeping your protective face mask on before and during games. The speed of each gun is measured using a chronograph. For safety, they are required to shoot under 280 feet per second. Our referees will ensure all players understand our rules and regulations before gameplay begins.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Paintball can be painful. Try to have covering on as much bare skin as possible. Long sleeves and pants are recommended. Hoodies, baseball caps, or beanies are great head protection. Bandanas can be worn around the neck. Boots, cleats, and fingerless gloves are also highly recommended.

Q: What type of games will we be playing?
A: There are a variety of game styles, including: capture the flag, football, elimination, attack and defend, etc. A typical game lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. Our referees will explain the rules before each game. We commonly have breaks between games, but players are free to sit out of one or more games if needed.

Q: Can I bring food and drinks?
A: Yes. All we ask is that you clean up after yourself. We have tables and benches, but you are welcome to bring folding chairs, tables, or canopies. Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted.

Q: Do you open during rain or snow?
A: In pouring rain or during a snowstorm, we will not be operating. When rain is off and on or drizzling, it may be possible if players are wanting to play. Weather can be tricky. We will try to inform you as soon as we can, and we appreciate your understanding last-minute cancellations or closures. Everyone's safety is important.


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